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How are advances in supply-chain management changing just-in-time production? How might prospective new international accounting standards affect asset valuation? How does the evolution in IT affect project management and accounting?

If there is anything that characterizes doing business in the 21st century, it would almost undoubtedly be rapid evolution and persistent uncertainty. Unlocking the opportunities present in such an environment – and seeing the risks – requires full insight into all the moving parts of a business’s operations and financials.

At RMG, our service capabilities are designed to provide just that – all the business accounting, business tax, audit, and tax planning skills that small and mid-sized companies need to gain a 360-degree perspective of their businesses and the markets in which they operate.

For clients requiring business accounting and audit capabilities, RMG draws on its experience with numerous industries and business structures – particularly privately-held companies – to develop specific knowledge of each client’s operations in order to produce a comprehensive presentation of financial information in a timely and accurate manner… Read More
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Each year, businesses and individuals incur billions of dollars of avoidable tax liability simply because of a lack of tax planning and expertise throughout the fiscal year. RMG’s approach to tax accounting integrates multiple areas of concern – individual, estate, and corporate – in order to provide clients with the soundest and surest means possible to realize tax efficiencies…. Read More

RMG is a trusted business advisor to a variety of businesses – from sole proprietorships to corporations, large partnerships, and not-for-profits – in the tax-planning…. Read More

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Achieving compliance with relevant accounting rules and regulations is a necessary part of doing business, but driving real, sustainable bottom-line growth requires a much more creative and integral approach. RMG has long realized that our clients’ success is not merely a matter of placing checkmarks in compliance boxes, but getting out ahead of the trends and models that impact profitability…. Read More

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