New Jersey Accounting Services

Audit and Accounting Services

RMG CPA, LLC offers our expertise through professional audit and accounting services for both individuals and businesses. We draw on our vast, multidisciplinary experience with a multitude of industries and business structures to produce a unique presentation of financial information to our clients.

As your accountants, RMG CPA, LLC will provide you with a clear and comprehensive report of your economic activities and the status of your assets. Knowing this for either yourself or your company is extremely important for ensuring a financially secure future. Our team’s utmost priority is to stay in complete contact with all levels of our client’s organization. We regularly interact with the client to provide value-added services and valuable compliance advice. We believe in an open organizational culture to foster both communication and collaboration, which is directly reflected in our work.

As your auditor, you can trust that RMG CPA, LLC will find any discrepancies, overspending, or anything missing in your financial records that go against established standards set by US GAAP and IFRS. Our vast experience in auditing has helped individuals and companies secure their finances for years. We provide a clear report of our findings along with recommendations for improvement based on our thorough evaluation.

The professionals at RMG CPA, LLC have specializations in the various industries we work with. Because of our immense experience in different industries, we have a firm grasp on each of those industries. This allows us to hit the ground running when advising your business.

Industries We Specialize In:

Law Firm
Real Estate
Manufacturing and Distribution
• Sports and Entertainment
Waste Management

This diverse pool of industries has provided us with a well-rounded and comprehensive understanding of the different accounting and auditing procedures of each industry. In every engagement with our clients, we utilize a combination of business knowledge, collaborative culture, and industry-leading technology. Our specialization with a wide range of accounting technology enables our firm to provide guidance on the development of accounting systems for new businesses. We also provide advisement on the implementation of computerized payroll services.
We are well versed on the regulations and trends that affect each industry, helping businesses to plan for the long term. We optimize financial performance through tax advice, inventory management, and technology support. RMG CPA, LLC will also help you realize opportunities for financial growth through audits of your financial statements.

Our familiarity with advanced technologies combined with the business systems of our clients result in efficient and high-performing organizations and individuals alike. At RMG, we will help you to eliminate some of the competitive gaps that smaller businesses face when adjusting to the always evolving accounting regulations.

All in all, we want to help you plan for a stable and profitable financial future. Take the first step toward financial security by handing your financial management over to the professional accountants and auditors at RMG CPA, LLC.

Business Valuations Services

Our business valuations services are for clients who need a timely valuation of their most important asset, RMG features the right expertise to meet any business situation. Our team always begins with the client’s goals in seeking a valuation. No matter whether a company is pondering a prospective business transaction, launching into succession planning, or encountering financial distress, our team effectively assimilates the information, makes the tough calls, and renders a solid valuation to help clients reach their objectives.

Consulting Services

Maintaining a successful business requires more than compliance of accounting rules, but also tax consulting services. A business must be able to achieve real, sustainable bottom-line growth. This type of growth requires a creative and integral approach, an approach that RMG can provide. RMG has long realized that our client’s success is not a mere matter of checking compliance boxes, but rather getting ahead of the trends and models that impact profitability.

The RMG executive team goes far beyond accounting compliance techniques. As a highly focused accounting boutique, we focus on what we know best; providing services that will improve your company’s success. We help small and medium sized private businesses realize their goals through our carefully calibrated program of value creation.

Consulting Services For Clients

Clients of RMG receive expert consulting to develop decision-making models that can transform your short term advantages into long term successes. We constantly monitor client’s business model trends to find areas that may lead to greater efficiencies. RMG can also provide tools to analyze day-to-day operations to encourage efficiency. We also collaborate with third-party contacts to secure financing and increase bonding limits.

All of these services guarantee the longevity of your company’s success and ensure a long future of value creation. Without RMG, you may be missing out on the opportunity to fully take advantage of the value of your business.

Entity Tax Planning Process

RMG is a trusted business adviser to a variety of businesses – from sole proprietorships to corporations, large partnerships, and not-for-profits – in the entity tax-planning process. Our extensive experience in the field and ability to articulate strategies and opportunities to management make RMG an early and frequent partner for leading organizations requiring tax planning.

Estate & Trust Tax Planning Services

RMG provides high-net-worth individuals, families, trusts, and closely held businesses with the expertise needed to navigate a course toward tax efficiency. Our estate & trust tax planning services team arms clients with the very latest information and insights and assists in developing long-term tax planning that get results.

Financial Planning Services

RMG is capable of assisting small businesses and medium-sized businesses and individuals put their futures on a solid path to financial security through the development of carefully tailored, customized financial planning. A properly structured financial plan enables businesses and individuals to face any challenge that may present itself. We get to know our clients’ specific goals and objectives and are capable of creating complex financial and cash-flow models that identify challenges and offer solutions in a proactive manner, a crucial component when estimating financing requirements or maintaining cash as needed.

Mergers & Acquisitions Services

When clients are contemplating mergers and acquisitions, RMG stands ready to assist, from valuation to tax planning. Our veteran professionals have helped numerous businesses over the years acquire or dispose of businesses and have a keen understanding of how to get efficient and material results. We assist clients in identifying potential transaction risks and synergies and unlock value through rigorous analysis based on decades of experience.

Payroll and Sales Tax Compliance

As a business owner, it is important to stay compliant with your state’s payroll and sales tax laws. Otherwise, it could result in some pretty hefty fines. However, there are so many rules and regulations that are constantly being updated that it’s easy to get confused. In this case, many business owners hire accountants who can handle the complex details, leaving you free to run your business.

Payroll Administration

Payroll can be a rather complex task. Taxes, social security and withholdings must be calculated and hours must be properly tracked. Most importantly, your business must stay in compliance with payroll laws.

In order to stay in compliance with current payroll laws, you need to obtain an Employer Identification Number, which will be necessary when filing with the IRS. New employees must fill out the necessary paperwork to have the appropriate taxes withheld from their paychecks, and employee paperwork must be kept on file. Overtime and bonuses must be properly calculated, and you must be absolutely certain that payroll taxes are filed on time.

For smaller businesses that deal with fewer employees, the owner can usually handle payroll. Larger businesses may opt to hire someone to handle payroll for them, yet others may choose to hire an accountant that is well versed in the current rules and regulations pertaining to payroll administration.

Sales Tax

Like payroll, there are many regulations and laws surrounding sales tax that must be followed in order to remain compliant. Different states have different laws, and even certain areas within one state may have their own sets of laws. Before you can start collecting sales tax, you need to be registered. Once registered, you must collect the appropriate sales tax and report the taxes you collect, be it monthly, quarterly or annually. If you do not file these reports according to your state or local rules, you could face steep penalties.

The rules and regulations surrounding payroll and sales tax compliance can get rather tricky. At RMG, we can help you run your business smoothly and without worry. We help businesses stay compliant by developing and implementing the necessary controls in connection with sales tax and payroll administration. We guide clients through the registration process, assist with monthly, quarterly and yearly filings and returns, and communicate with authorities, when necessary. Contact RMG today to learn how we can help you with payroll and sales tax compliance.

Personal Tax Planning Preparation

Are your financial goals tax-efficient? At RMG our diverse team of professionals is ready to provide you with timely tax advice on the best tax strategies for your major life decisions. We will help you achieve your personal tax planning goals by developing an in depth tax plan that incorporates your tax strategies with your overall financial planning. A properly structured financial plan will enable you to face any challenge that may present itself.

In a proactive manner, we will take into account all of your earnings, investments, purchases, property and filing status to offer quick solutions for reducing your tax burden and maximizing your cash flow. We are dedicated to providing you with the necessary information in order to help you make smart tax and financial decisions.

Personal Tax Planning Services

RMG’s personal tax planning services are built on responsiveness, communication, and collaboration. We look at the big picture to ensure a preservation of wealth for both yourself and generations to come. Contact us today if you are in need of any of our personal tax planning services.

Succession Planning For Your Business

Over the years, you have worked hard to build your own business. Your business is quite successful, but let’s face it, you’re ready to retire. However, your business is still very important to you, and you do not want to see it fall apart simply because you aren’t there. You have some great employees; some of whom you think would make an excellent replacement. You can work closely with these employees to show them the ins and outs of the business, but how do you guarantee that your replacement maintains the success of your business after you’re gone?

What Is Succession Planning?

Succession planning services identifies strong employees that you feel one day can take over your business. During this process, you will work closely with these employees by training and mentoring them, while also giving them tasks to complete, offering guidance when deemed necessary. This process can take some time, so patience is key. You don’t want to leave your company to just anyone. You want to make sure your successor will be able to run your company as successfully and profitably as you have.

Why Is Succession Planning Important?

Succession planning is important because your business is important to you. As a business owner, you do not want to see your business crumble after putting so much time and effort into what it is today. You also have employees who depend on their jobs. Poor succession planning could mean loss of employment for many individuals in your business. Additionally, your clients and contacts depend on you. You help each other prosper, and the wrong person at the head of the company could result in significant losses for all parties involved. Your company could lose clients, and therefore lose money.

Let the Pros Help

Leaving your business can be tough. You’ve spent years building it up, cultivating relationships with outside businesses, and retaining loyal clients. No one can do things the way you do, but you can train someone to do things similarly with succession planning. With the help of the RMG, you can be assured that your business remains as successful as it was when you left it.

With a solid background in tax and other financial matters, we are perfectly positioned to address the complex issues of business continuation and have assisted dozens of businesses throughout the region in developing a sound, strategic succession planning. If you are in need of our succession planning services, please call us today at (973) 755-1528.

Tax Consulting and Compliance Challenges

Keeping up with the change in tax laws has become much more difficult today. At RMG we can help you with any tax consulting and compliance challenges that you may encounter. We will work with you to find any tax-savings opportunities for your company that you may not be aware of, and provide you with expert advice. We will go through everything, your earnings, expenditures, investments, donations, in order to keep your tax obligations as low as possible, while staying within compliance of the current tax laws. We will save you the worry from having to deal with stiff fines regarding your taxes.

We focus on what we know best – providing services that will improve your company’s success. We have a specialized group of tax accountants who provide the intellectual heft and up-to-date expertise needed to approach winning tax strategies. Out tax accountants will ensure that there are no gaps between strategy and execution, from the earliest stages of tax planning to filing. Call (973) 755-1528 today for our expert tax consulting and compliance services.

Information Technology Services For Accountants

Information Technology (IT) is the use of any computer to store, retrieve, process, secure, transmit and manipulate all forms of electronic data. IT brings your business the necessary information and applications, such as spreadsheet and presentation software, that accountants everywhere rely on to do their job. IT specialists in your company are essential, as they set up and maintain the servers on which your company’s applications run, create and customize the software you use, and build and maintain databases that accountants rely on to gather information for customers.

Why Does IT Matter?

IT has transformed the accounting world. Rather than manually accounting with a paper and pencil, IT equipment is easier and faster to use. Software programs can help accountants perform their day-to-day tasks, such as paying bills, recording transactions and reporting, all while keeping data organized. IT has become a highly efficient resource for accountants everywhere.

Why RMG Accountants and Consultants?

At RMG we know IT. Our technology team has assisted a multitude of clients in the technology field, from network overhauls to the addition of new hardware. Our team is capable of interfacing with client IT personnel as well as senior management to make sure this vital capital expenditure stays on target and provides the needed support. If you are in need of our IT services, please contact us today for more information.