Accounting and Audit

For clients requiring business accounting and audit capabilities, RMG draws on its experience with numerous industries and business structures – particularly privately-held companies – to develop specific knowledge of each client’s operations in order to produce a comprehensive presentation of financial information in a timely and accurate manner.

True to our culture of open communication and collaboration, our team stays in contact with all levels of our clients’ organization, including management, with whom we regularly interact and provide value-added services and compliance advice.

Our firm combines its business knowledge and culture of active collaboration with industry-leading technology to aid the work flow and processes in connection with every engagement. Our familiarity with a wide range of accounting technology also enables our firm to advise clients in developing accounting systems for new businesses and implementing computerized payroll services. By integrating a client’s business systems with our advanced technology, RMG creates efficiencies in the business tax and accounting process that help to eliminate some of the competitive gaps that small and medium-sized businesses face when complying with new and evolving accounting regulations.

Audits, Reviews and  Compilations. RMG stays current on all laws, regulations, and innovations in the areas of financial reporting, corporate governance, and business accounting to help clients manage risk and their compliance responsibilities, while providing constructive solutions for maximizing profitability and efficiency.

Agreed Upon Procedures. For clients requiring customized services for special projects that might fall outside the scope of an audit, review, or compilation, RMG combines years of auditing expertise with a client-service model that provides the flexibility and technical excellence to suit any task.