What is Your Company Worth?

Placing a valuation on your business is a complex game. An accurate business valuation requires the utmost level of expertise. Quote too low a figure, and you will undersell your company. Aim too high, and the investor might pass on your offer.

Determining a fair value for a company is never an easy process. To the owner, the process of valuation is personal and emotional, and most times they he or she has an unrealistic idea of how much the company is worth. To the buyer, the valuation process is far more objective. Finding balance can prove to be extremely difficult.

Accountants for Your Business Valuation

Business valuation takes strategic and in-depth analysis to determine an accurate estimation of a company’s worth. A professional evaluator can help you establish a selling price and determine whether an investor’s offer is fair. RMG Business Valuation services provide valuable insight into the operational, strategic and financial affairs of your business so you can determine the real value of your company.

RMG’s executive team of dedicated professionals always begin with the client’s goals in seeking accurate valuation. Utilizing appropriate methods, extensive knowledge and a deep understanding of the client’s business and industry, RMG can help you identify the best exit strategies and the right opportunities for growth.

How Accountants Can Help With Valuations

Whether your company is pondering a prospective business transaction, launching into succession planning or encountering financial distress, the RMG experts effectively take in all of the information, make the tough calls and render a solid valuation to help our clients reach their objective.

The RMG valuation team serves as advisors on decisions related to acquisitions, mergers, reorganization, litigation, strategic planning and taxation. From capital assets to intellectual property, RMG can provide you with an accurate business valuation report.

Business Valuations in New Jersey

When you work with the professionals at RMG for your business valuation, you can expect the highest level of service and attention to your business. Our business valuation services include:

  • Valuation Audit: RMG supports business owners in the process of negotiating mergers and acquisition transactions, ensuring that they maximize returns and reduce risk.
  • Accurate Value Reporting: Fair value reporting can be tricky. An RMG consultant can help you navigate the complexity of the business valuation process, helping you effectively select the best options to reduce risk.
  • Tax and Advisory: The RMG team provides tax and advisory services and consultation related to financial reporting and tax structuring.

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With tried and true experience in providing accurate business valuations, you can trust the professionals at RMG. To discuss how our team can help your business, contact RMG today.