Mergers and Acquisitions in NJ

Mergers and acquisitions are scenarios commonly seen in the business world. These strategic business move allows a company to improve their standing or gain a competitive edge in a respective industry. With decades of experience, RMG is prepared to help our clients with every aspect of a potential merger and acquisition from planning through implementation.

Merger and Acquisition Services

Transaction Assistance with RMG

RMG wants to make sure our clients have a keen understanding of their full financial picture. When clients are contemplating the purchase or sale of business assets, they must be aware of the financial conditions of both their company and the business they wish the acquire or merge with. It’s vital for a company to know exactly how this monumental business decision may positively or negatively influence their organization.

Merger & Acquisition Transaction Types

RMG is prepared to assist businesses with any M&A transaction arrangement. We want to simplify the process and provide clients with the comprehensive supervision they deserve. Oversight from RMG will alleviate the stress of handling a business merger or acquisition on your own. The experienced financial professionals at RMG can aid clients with the following types of M&A transactions.

  • Mergers
  • Acquisitions
  • Consolidation
  • Tender Offers
  • Asset Acquisitions
  • Management-Led Buyouts
      • Valuation and Tax Planning

RMG stands ready to assist all industries with company valuations and tax planning. We’ll conduct an extensive examination and look into the true value of a target company. This mediation eliminates differing estimates of worth for a fair price on both sides. RMG will explore business and investigate business valuations with the following methods.

  • Comparative Ratios: Metrics will be utilized to understand how companies create their offers. RMG will look at comparable companies in an industry with a price-earnings ratio or enterprise-value-to-sales ratio.
  • Replacement Cost: RMG will weigh the cost to replace one or more of a company’s assets at the same or equal value. This can include future cash flows, investments or physical assets.
  • Discounted Cash Flow: A price will be derived from evaluating an estimated forecast of a company’s future cash flow to determine their true current value.

Merger and Acquisition Help in New Jersey

Our veteran professionals have a keen understanding of how to obtain efficient material results. RMG has helped numerous businesses over the years acquire or dispose of their previous competition. We meticulously assist clients in identifying potential transaction risks, synergies and value through rigorous analysis. The firm is prepared to guide you through the process from start to finish and ensure the long-term success of your company. Contact RMG today to get stared planning for a secure financial future during your merger or acquisition.