Improve Your Financial Situation with Personalized Tax Planning

From high net worth individuals to a professional in the construction industry, the accountants and consultants at RMG are able to create – and achieve – financial, tax-efficient goals through our personal tax planning service. Reducing tax liability, and maximizing a person’s eligibility, are the two most important objectives that our team aims for while performing a personal tax planning service.

Achieve Your Personal Tax Planning Goals

When our team helps an individual with their personal tax planning, we always begin by drafting a concrete financial plan that they can easily follow. Our initial accountant-client meeting will help us better understand an individual’s goals and expense levels; these are then evaluated and compared with other factors, to determine whether or not a client will have enough funds to meet their financial needs for the future. The factors that RMG accountants consider while drafting a financial plan for our personal tax planning service include cash flow, the value of assets, withdrawal plans, current net worth, asset allocation, tax liabilities, as well as retirement and estate plans. We always utilize the best tax strategies, consider comprehensive risk management plans and incorporate tax reduction tactics to make each financial plan a great one.

Make Smarter Financial Decisions

In addition to the financial plan, an RMG accountant will then consider and discuss important financial elements in order to devise the most effective tax plan possible. An individual’s earnings, investments, purchases, property and filing status are all key features that will help one of our team members produce a quick solution for reducing tax burdens, and maximize the cash flow overall for each individual – regardless of their specific goal. We are dedicated to providing our clients with this necessary information that will ultimately help them make smarter tax and financial decisions.

Best Personal Tax Planning Practices for Every Bracket

Each and every individual that files taxes will fall into a specific bracket. It takes a true professional, like the experts who make up the RMG executive team, to give the most trustworthy advice when it comes to proper tax planning practices, regardless of what category you might fall into. Thanks to our years of experience in the accounting and consulting fields, we know exactly what is best for every unique financial situation. It’s standard practice that top bracket individuals defer income and accelerate deductions, both of which can be made possible with a variety of financial actions. Those who do not fall into the top bracket, and wish to tax plan for multiple years, must take their bracket into strong consideration. In some cases, we can help plan to generate income, when an individual has negative income or negative taxable income.

Personal Tax Planning Services in New Jersey

A quality financial standing starts with you as an individual, which is exactly why investing in the personal tax planning service that RMG provides is the right choice. Contact us to schedule an appointment by calling 973-712-5000.