Prepare for the Future of Your Business 

Running a business in any industry is exhausting, rewarding and amazing. While it can be easy to get caught up in the day-to-day operations of running your business, business owners should never forget to plan ahead for the future of their business when it is no longer theirs to run. Succession planning is the best way to do so, and requires a process that covers every single element of the business, so that it can run smoothly for years to come. A large part of succession planning consists of the taxes and income earnings that go along with a business. At RMG, our accountants and consultants are able to assist our business owner clients with these aspects of their succession planning.

Creating the Perfect Succession Plan

There are so many moving parts when it comes to succession planning, but each and every business will have universal elements that translate to each succession plan, regardless of what type of business you’re running. Those who are passing down their business from a management perspective must delegate their responsibilities and authority, provide training and support to the established future mangers and make sure that key employees’ compensations are planned to keep a solid foundation of loyal workers for the business to run properly. Those who are passing down their business to a new owner should decide who will own it, and delegate those responsibilities to make for a smooth continuation process.

Tax Considerations for Smart Succession Planning

RMG accountants and consultants are highly experienced and trained in avoiding unexpected tax liabilities that business owners could be subject to upon transferring their business to somebody else. For starters, it’s important to know that the business you own and operate now could be worth more money when you pass on and give it to someone else. We work with our business clients to successfully transfer their business assets to their children or other beneficiaries, and help them keep income for themselves. A part of this has to do with estate tax planning, which our RMG accountants and consultants are skilled in as well – this way, the business owners get to achieve their estate tax benefits and avoid any hiccups. Because these tax considerations and rules are extremely hard to follow – even for savvy business owners – it is highly advised that they speak with an accountant or consultant at our firm, so that a proper succession plan can be made.

Succession Planning for Your Business in New Jersey

Succession planning can be made easy with the help of our experienced staff, who are all knowledgeable regarding tax considerations for succession planning, as well as all accounting services and industries. Our main goal is to give our business owner clients the financial profitability that they deserve, and to ensure that their loved ones receive these benefits and gains as well – all while keeping the future of their business intact. Please contact RMG by calling our office at 973-712-5000 to learn more.