Accounting Services for Law Firms

At RMG Accountants and Consultants, we have long served the area’s small and mid-sized regional law firms. We assist them with virtually all of their accounting, tax planning, consulting and financial management needs. RMG also helps develop cash management services in addition to audit and review services. The specialists at our firm have a complete and thorough knowledge of the law firm industry, in addition to all challenges and difficulties of optimizing financial performance for law firms. RMG has a well-respected reputation for providing our clients with confidential and objective advice and support to help you build and continue to build a profitable and well-organized law practice.

Accounting, Auditing and Tax Services

Our accounting, auditing and tax services include a number of different offerings to help your law firm. We offer financial statement analysis, compilations, reviews, audits and preparation using both cash basis and accrual basis reporting. In addition, we also offer federal, state and local tax return planning and preparation. It also includes all tax returns including payroll, sales and uses taxes, property taxes and business taxes. We make sure that your law firm develops a complex cash flow model, projections and long-range planning. Lastly, we offer expert profitability analyses that include review of chargeable hours, billing rates, realizations, compensation and direct and indirect expenses.

Advisory Services for Law Firms

RMG Accountants and Consultant’s advisory services mainly include mergers and acquisitions and liquidation strategy planning. It also includes complex optimization analyses of case and matter management as well as customized strategies for both partnerships and professional corporations.

Litigation Support Services

We also offer litigation support services to our clients in the law firm industry. We have a focus on expert witness testimony, business valuations and asset calculations. RMG can also assist with any fraud and financial misappropriation investigations and help define key accounting issues. If you need assistance with marital property calculations, RMG can do that as well.

Law Firm Professional Accountants in New Jersey

If you are looking for professional accounting and consulting help for your law firm in New Jersey, look no further than RMG Accountants and Consultants in Parsippany, New Jersey. Our firm is full of experienced professionals that help law firms with compliance, accounting, auditing, tax, advisory and litigation support services. To learn more about our law firm industry services, as well as our other services, contact us today or ask one of our experts on our website.

Among other things, our services include:

  • Financial statement analysis and preparation using both cash basis and accrual basis reporting
  • Complex optimization analyses of case and matter management
  • Customized strategies for both partnerships and professional corporations
  • Expert profitability analyses, including reviews of chargeable hours, billing rates, realizations, compensation, and direct and indirect expenses
  • Handling all tax concerns, including payroll, sales & use taxes, property taxes, and business taxes
  • Developing complex cash flow models, examining realization, collection, etc.
  • Budgetary analyses, cash-flow projections, and long-range planning