Best Accounting Practices for the Tech Industry

As any technology expert knows, their field is one of the fastest growing out there. Keeping up with the constant change and latest trends is so time consuming that it leaves professionals in the tech industry with little time to handle the essential, financial and economic elements that keep their businesses running on a day-to-day basis. At RMG, we provide outstanding accounting and consulting services so that our technology firm clients can focus on their growing companies.

Audit and Accounting for Technology Firms

We tailor our accounting and auditing services to specifically fit the needs of technology firms, keeping them up to date and in the know regarding all of their business venture finances. We’ll provide a detailed, understandable report of any technology business’ economic activities, as well as the status of their assets. More importantly, a lot of technology professionals use licensing agreements when dealing with their main assets – so our detailed service will make sure that they are accruing all they’re entitled to. We also provide licensing and royalty compliance auditing programs for this reason.

Business and Intellectual Property Valuations

When we assist our technology firm clients with determining an accurate estimation of their company’s worth, we work tirelessly to perform in-depth research regarding their industry. This compare and contrast process is just one of the steps that make up the business valuation we perform, so that we can establish the best selling price, and determine whether or not a potential buyer’s offer is fair for their tech business. Intellectual properties are also one of the main valuation amenities we offer our clients as well, and both of these are taken care of with our valuation audits, accurate value reporting and our tax and advisory services.

Cash Flow and Profitability Modeling and Forecasting

Once we get a real feel for your technology business – from start-ups to large corporate firms – we’ll be able to move ahead with profitability modeling and forecasting. We are sure to only use the models that will project the most accurate results, which depends greatly on factors like daily operations of the company, its financial situation, marketplace positioning and overall market attributes. Models include, but are not limited to, historical, financial, trends and analytics. Matters of cash flow for a technology business also take priority at RMG, so that we can figure out if you’ll be making enough cash to pay for the upcoming fixed and variable expenses, all while making a profit of some sort. We calculate a company’s cash flow in a few ways that benefit technology experts specifically.

Accounting Expertise for Your NJ Tech Business

RMG is an accounting firm based in New Jersey that offers services in accounting, auditing, tax accounting and consulting to businesses of all kinds – including those that are technology related. Tech industry professionals seeking our help should contact us by calling our office at 973-712-5000.