Accounting and Consulting for NJ Waste Management Professionals

Here at RMG, we have earned a reputation for our waste management accounting and consulting services, providing excellent assistance in the field for a number of years. Privately-held waste management companies in need of an accounting and consulting firm in both New Jersey and New York can trust us to handle their financial situations; our clients in this specific field of work include commercial and roll-off waste haulers, municipal waste haulers, recycling facilities, transfer stations, material recovery facilities and waste brokers.

Tax Compliance and Tax-Planning Strategies

Tax laws can change in an instance, making it difficult for waste management entities to properly stay on top of their own tax situations. Due to our longstanding history of assisting waste management companies with such matters, we work with those businesses to find tax-saving opportunities, provide expert tax advice, lower tax obligations as much as possible and minimize any gaps between strategy and execution, from tax planning to filing. These tax-planning strategies always stay in compliance with the current tax laws, and are one of a kind, continuing to help the growth and success of waste management companies.

Mergers and Acquisitions for Waste Management Industry

When it comes time for a waste management professional to make a strategic move, with the intent of either improving or gaining their current standing – and get a leg up on the competition – we assist them with all the stages of mergers and acquisitions. It’s especially common for waste management businesses to partake in mergers and acquisitions, and the RMG team always makes sure each client in the field has a complete understanding of the financial situation for the current business that they are running, as well as the business they would like to acquire. Since we’ve helped so many waste management businesses acquire and dispose of companies, we understand the challenges, and assist clients with identifying potential transaction risks, synergies and unlock value through rigorous analysis.

Trusted Business Valuations for Waste Management Companies

Putting a value on a waste management business is not an easy process, but our experienced team of experts at RMG are highly skilled at doing it. We understand that a business valuation can have too much of an emotional effect on the owner of the company, so we take it into our own hands to work with the waste management professional – and the potential buyer – to come up with an accurate, fair estimate of what their business is worth. Insight into the operational and financial affairs, in-depth analyses, establishing a selling price and determining whether or not an investor’s offer is appropriate are some key components of our waste management-related business valuation services.

Accounting Services for New Jersey Waste Management Companies

Additionally, we provide waste management companies with the fulfillment of annual reporting for certain state agencies, benchmarking services and divisional and labor analysis for multi-faceted waste haulers servicing different industries. Any waste management professional is free to contact our New Jersey or New York office by filling out a form on our website.