Whether you realize it or not, nearly everyone has an estate. An estate is all of your assets including your home, cars, life insurance policy, investments, and other possessions. The value of all of this adds up over a lifetime- even if you don’t consider yourself to be particularly wealthy. Most likely, after you die you will want to ensure that your estate is passed on according to your wishes. To get the most value out of your estate, it is highly recommended that you partake in estate and trust tax planning.

Plan Your Estate and Trust

It is important to plan for your estate and trust, even after you are gone. Estate Trust & Tax Planning provides individuals, families, trusts, and closely held businesses with the expertise needed to navigate a course toward tax efficiency. Federal estate taxes are extremely expensive, typically hovering between 45% and 55%. These taxes must be paid in cash within 9 months of your death, requiring many estates to liquidate assets in order to pay the taxes.

Contact Accountants and Consultants in NJ

Fortunately, expert estate and trust tax planning by RMG can help to reduce and even eliminate these heavy taxes. Our goal is to eliminate uncertainties and maximize the value of your estate by limiting the amount of taxes that will be required. Our Estate & Trust team arms clients with the very latest information and insights and assists in developing long-term tax planning that yields results. Contact RMG today for more information on estate and trust tax planning to build for a more secure future.