Achieving compliance with relevant accounting rules and regulations is a necessary part of doing business, but driving real, sustainable bottom-line growth requires a much more creative and integral approach. RMG has long realized that our clients’ success is not merely a matter of placing checkmarks in compliance boxes, but getting out ahead of the trends and models that impact profitability.

Our consulting team does just that, developing relationships with clients that go far beyond accounting compliance. As a highly-focused accounting boutique, we focus heavily on what we know best – small businesses to medium-sized private businesses that are closely held – and help those clients realize their goals through a carefully calibrated program of value creation.

  • Develop decision-making models that can transform short-term advantages into long-term success
  • Consistently monitor trends within the client’s business model that lead to greater efficiencies
  • Provide tools to analyze day-to-day operations
  • Collaborate with third-party contacts to secure financing and increase bonding limits

Our specific areas of service include:

Business Valuations. For clients who need a timely valuation of their most important asset, RMG features the right expertise to meet any business situation.

Mergers and Acquisitions. When clients are contemplating buying and selling business assets, RMG stands ready to assist, from valuation to tax planning.

Financial Planning. RMG is capable of assisting businesses and individuals put their futures on a solid path to financial security through the development of carefully tailored, customized financial plans.

Succession Planning. One of the most important stages in the life cycle of closely held business is its transition to a successor, and RMG is situated to help clients even in the most complex succession-planning challenges.

Technology. Increasingly, IT is the backbone of a state-of-the-art accounting capability, and RMG knows IT.