RMG advisory teams stay true to our mission by developing relationships within your organization that transcend accounting compliance. Achieving sustainable financial growth reaches far beyond the most stringent accounting and tax compliance matters. Drawing from a network of trusted advisory professionals, a network established over many years, we stay out ahead of the trends and models that impact profitability. We are particularly proud of our ability to create a custom team of advisors that know your industry, and are able to bring in a specialist to address unique challenges.

Clients repeatedly call on our network of advisory professionals to evaluate their business models and provide insight needed to make informed operational decisions in concert with financial goals.


We do this in part by:

  • Identifying prequalification opportunities that enhance the business model’s long-term success.
  • Addressing negative trends present in your current business model and provide corrective action that lead to greater efficiencies.
  • Providing the technological tools and field experience to help analyze day-to-day operations.
  • Collaborating with third-party contacts to enhance financing and bonding capacity.


While we are called upon for many accounting advisory services, we are particularly adept at the following:

  • Technology Support: A common scenario encountered during the initial assessment of a client’s use of technology is the underutilizations of the systems’ capabilities as intended. Accounting system implementation and migration can be costly and labor intensive. Our team is cognoscente of the cost benefit to the client and implements strategies that will attain desired goals in a timely manner based on the financial and human resources available from the client.

  • Mergers & Acquisitions: There are many phases in the process of a merger or acquisition. At RMG, we have strategically partnered with a team of professionals who work in conjunction with us to successfully complete all aspects of a deal. This ranges from due diligence in the initial stage to tax structuring and estate planning in the closing and final stage.

  • Succession Planning: The importance of a succession plan cannot be overlooked. Each plan is designed to attain operational continuity. RMG collaborates closely with clients, advisors and key personnel to ensure successful execution of the plan.

  • Certification and Prequalification Services: For clients who intend on securing contracts with governmental agencies, we provide guidance throughout the prequalification and certification process. We will also identify opportunities for clients to obtain MBE, WBE, SBE, DBE, 8A, Hub Zone, and SDVOB certifications when they meet the applicable criterion.