At RMG, it is our priority to assist our clients with their desired financial growth. With increased financial success, comes tax consequences. Our knowledgeable professional staff remains in constant contact with our clients throughout the year to ensure we can offer tailored tax planning services. We ensure that our clients are aware of their book-to-tax timing adjustments and the projected tax burden at varying levels of profitability. We assist our clients to become tax efficient by regularly monitoring the climate of federal, state, and local tax jurisdictions so we can optimize any tax saving strategies that may be at our clients’ disposal.

Tax Services:

Tax Consulting and Compliance
Entity Tax Planning
Personal Tax Planning For Business Clients
Estate and Trust Planning
Payroll and Sales Tax Compliance

Tax Consulting & Compliance

Our goal is to not only guide our clients through the complexities of tax compliance, but also to ensure our clients are using optimal tax saving strategies to their benefit. This is accomplished with constant communication throughout the year to ensure tax planning is tailored to each clients’ specific needs. Whether it is keeping our clients up to date on new regulatory and legislative pronouncements or assisting with adjustments arising from different book to tax accounting methods, we are confident our team can guide the way.

Entity Tax Planning

We tailor our tax planning based on the structure of our clients’ businesses. We take pride in our knowledge of the current tax code to tailor planning to each clients’ specific needs. We advise our clients on the advantages and disadvantages of their current organizational structure if we feel there is a more tax advantageous structure that should be adopted.

Personal Tax Planning for Business Clients

At RMG, we provide a full-service approach to tax planning. We ensure that our clients understand the full tax ramifications of varying levels of income at both the business and personal level. The strategies and guidance we provide our clients are intended to benefit them in all areas of tax exposure. This is completed by providing a full tax analysis to our clients throughout the year.

Estate & Trust Planning

High-net-worth individuals, families, trusts, and closely-held businesses often call on us to create solid gift and estate tax plans to minimize wealth transfer taxes while preserving the value of assets. This enables our clients to execute on their vision for how assets are to be distributed.

Payroll & Sales Tax Compliance

At RMG, we understand the challenges when it comes to complying with payroll and sales and local tax compliance. We are constantly working with our clients to improve internal processes in these areas. We provide the field experience to customize our clients’ internal controls to ensure compliance.