Realizing tax efficiencies and incentives require more than an annual check-in with a preferred advisor. At RMG, we monitor the pulse of federal, state, and local regulations to customize a comprehensive strategy. This allows you to reap the benefits of available corporate, estate, and individual tax incentives, while lowering tax liabilities when presented with difficult financial decisions. With due care, we work alongside you to tailor a plan that has compliance and transparency as its backdrop.

Among the many areas of tax that require attention, our clients repeatedly call on us for:

  • Tax Consulting and Compliance: RMG clients benefit from our experienced stable of tax accountants. We overcome the challenges you may face when regulatory and legislative pronouncements and tax court rulings impact your organization’s tax position and compliance strategy. The key is early planning that provides you with the flexibility needed to quickly make adjustments.

  • Entity Tax Planning: We are a trusted advisor to a variety of organizations, from sole proprietorships to corporations and partnerships. We draw from a large network of tax-accounting all-stars who ensure that all elements of your financial plan work together in a tax-efficient manner.

  • Personal Tax Planning For Business Clients: There’s no need to scramble when your personal filing date approaches. We’ll help you sift through the many possible deductions and credits, and make you aware of unnecessary risks that may put you in a precarious position. Frequent communication early in the process gets this done. We provide a seamless transition from your business’ tax position to your personal tax strategy.

  • Estate and Trust Planning: High-net-worth individuals, families, trusts, and closely-held businesses often call on us to create solid gift-and-estate tax plans to minimize wealth transfer taxes while preserving the value of assets. These particular tax services enable your vision for how assets are to be distributed.

  • Payroll and Sales Tax Compliance: At RMG, we understand the challenges when it comes to complying with new rules and regulations driving these aspects of tax compliance. With payroll taxes, there is no wiggle room. Fines and penalties loom for businesses that don’t get it right the first time. Sales tax compliance has a different host of issues that need not keep you up at night. We provide the field experience and technology tools to customize a set of controls that put your mind at rest.