Each year, businesses and individuals incur billions of dollars of avoidable tax liability simply because of a lack of tax planning and expertise throughout the fiscal year. RMG’s approach to tax accounting integrates multiple areas of concern – individual, estate, and corporate – in order to provide clients with the soundest and surest means possible to realize tax efficiencies.

Tax planning strategies require vigilance, and our teams hit the ground running on every assignment, monitoring tax issues throughout the year in order to lower tax liabilities at the right time. We work directly with clients to identify and utilize all available state and federal tax incentives and provide clients with real-time, comprehensive knowledge of the tax efficiencies of key personal and business decisions.

Tax Consulting and  Compliance. RMG features a specialized group of tax accountants who provide the intellectual heft and up-to-date expertise needed to fashion winning tax strategies.

Personal Tax Planning. RMG’s personal tax planning services are built on responsiveness, communication, and collaboration.

Entity Tax Planning. RMG is a trusted business advisor to a variety of businesses – from sole proprietorships to corporations and large partnerships – in the tax-planning process.

Estate and Trust Tax Planning. RMG provides high-net-worth individuals, families, trusts, and closely held businesses with the expertise needed to navigate a course toward tax efficiency.

Payroll and Sales Tax Compliance. RMG helps businesses stay compliant by developing and implementing the necessary controls in connection with sales tax and payroll administration.