RMG maintains a specialized concentration on the construction industry and services virtually every market segment within it, including architects, building suppliers, commercial contractors, engineering firms, federal, state and municipal public works contractors, general contractors, governmental contractors, private contractors, residential developers, subcontractors, and those involved in transportation infrastructure projects.

Our practice features:

  • Specialized knowledge of “construction accounting” methods
  • Construction industry tax-planning objectives that reduce tax burden while still maintaining single and aggregate bonding capacities
  • Establishment of internal financial reporting capabilities to help provide third parties with more timely financial data
  • Audit, review, and compilation of financial statements as required by third party vendors
  • Customized job profitability analysis reports to determine potential pitfalls in bidding, project management and operational inefficiencies
  • Industry benchmarking to determine strengths and weaknesses in comparisons to other contractors within each industry segment
  • Cost segregation studies to help maximize profits and create additional operational efficiencies
  • Coordination with federal, state, and municipal agencies for contractor pre-qualification statements and bidding requirements
  • Cash flow projections on a job-by-job basis to help determine global funding requirements
  • Coordination with financial institutions to help secure the proper financing
  • Technology consulting to ensure the client has the proper resources to track contract performance
  • Succession planning with the client to ensure long-term sustainability