RMG possesses a high concentration of clients within the construction industry. Our deep experience working with various types of contractors, engineers, and architects have forged a comprehensive skillset necessary to handle the accounting and tax issues unique to the industry.

Among the top-of-mind items we provide in the construction industry are:

  • Specialized construction-accounting methods.
  • Technology consulting to ensure proper resources to track contract performance.
  • Internal financial capabilities reports that provide third parties with timely financial data.
  • Financial statements audited and reviewed as required.
  • Profitability analysis reports that raise red flags regarding bidding, project management and operational inefficiencies.
  • Benchmarking reports that determine strengths and weaknesses compared to other contractors within each industry segment.
  • Technology benchmarking to harmonize financial systems.
  • State-and-local tax (SALT) compliance.
  • Succession and tax planning.
  • Cost-allocation studies geared to maximizing profitability and creating additional operational efficiencies.
  • Contractor pre-qualification statements and requirements in coordination with federal, state, and municipal agencies.
  • Cash flow projections on a job-by-job basis to help determine global funding requirements.

Contact us today so that we may help you work through these and many other challenges present the construction industry.